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During the last few years videos with interviews about HL7 – the International Healthcare IT Standard – have been published. This website is home for a collection of selected videos.

Recent Updates


Interview with Ed Hammond: How HL7 gathers input for standards

W. Edward Hammond PhD, Chair Emeritus and Long Term Member, HL7 International, talks with Kai Heitmann about history and presence of HL7 activities to gather input from Clinicians to create standards like HL7 v2, Clinical Document Architecture and FHIR.


Early HL7 – an interview with John Quinn

John Quinn, CTO of HL7 International, has been involved with HL7 since its beginnings in 1987. This interview focuses on the creation of HL7 versions 1, 2, and 2.1, the 1987-1995 time frame.
This interview was held to document the "The early history of Health Level 7" which is published as a whitepaper (http://bit.ly/1kkkmMg) as well as a series of articles (2013 - 2015 newsletters) in the HL7 International Newsletter on the same subject.

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