Clinicians on FHIR - September 2016
Clinicians on FHIR target participants are those with clinical backgrounds like Physicians, Dentists, Nurses and so on. They review clinical FHIR resources through testing against clinical scenarios and use cases, a bridging opportunity between clinicians and the technical FHIR team.
Since the beginning a large amount of valuable feedback was collected that resulted in significant improvements to the follow-up event and – of course – the FHIR standard itself.

Baltimore, MD (USA), September 2016

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The rise of the 6th FHIR connecathon in Phoenix
Over 50 participants were present at the 6th FHIR connectathon that was held in Phoenix AZ (USA) begin of May 2014. This video features impressions from event, statements by the attendees and three interviews about the FHIR standard, connectathons, the FHIR instiutute and visions from the initiator of FHIR, Grahame Grieve.

Phoenix, AZ (USA), May 2014

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Impressions from FHIR connec-a-thon San Antonio, TX, USA, January 2014
The HL7 FHIR standard has been approved (on 2014-01-20) as a DSTU (a draft standard for trial use). This completes a 2,5 year effort to create an entirely new HL7 standard.
The 5th FHIR connectathon was held in San Antonio on January 18/19, 2014. This video provides some impressions from the connectathon, it contains statements by the attendees as well as presentations of those that implemented/tested their application during the connectathon.
In addition, two of the 3 'FHIR men' (Ewout Kramer and Lloyd McKenzie) were interviewed about the new DSTU status as well as the future development of the FHIR standard.

San Antonio, TX (USA), January 2014

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Lloyd McKenzie: FHIR Elevator Pitch for software developers
Lloyd McKenzie, one of the three "FHIR men" (architects of the FHIR standard) speaks to the reasons as to why software developers should use the FHIR standard for healthcare interoperability. See for the FHIR standard, toolkits and reference implementations.

San Antonio, TX (USA), January 2014

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Published: 2014-01-21 (vimeo)
Ewout Kramer: FHIR Elevator Pitch
"FHIR is a new open web API for healthcare data exchange. It's especially suited for cloud and mobile applications." says Ewout Kramer, one of the 3 prinicipal acrchitects of the HL7 FHIR standard. This video contains a brief overview of some of the core chatacteristics of the FHIR standard, This is effectively Ewouts "elevator pitch" for FHIR. See for details of the standard; see here for a one-day training course about FHIR.

July 2013

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Ewout Kramer: FHIR Training Course
"Ewout Kramer, one of the principal architects of the HL7 FHIR standard, describes the content of a 1-day FHIR training course held in various cities in Europe. FHIR training courses have been scheduled in Oslo, Amsterdam and London, other locations are likely to follow. See here for a detailed agenda, dates and locations.

July 2013

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Published: 2013-07-11 (vimeo) – an video
Ewout Kramer: FHIR - name jokes
"Ewout Kramer,The name of HL7's most recent standard is FHIR (pronounced as Fire), which has lead to a lot of jokes. We asked Ewout Kramer, one of the prinicpal architects of the FHIR standard, for his reaction.

July 2013

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Published: 2013-07-11 (vimeo) – an video
FHIR Connectathon 2012
The very first H7 FHIR connectathon was held on Sept. 8, 2012 in Baltimore during the HL7 WGM.

This video by René Spronk contains a brief report and some interviews. Speakers include Grahame Grieve, Ewout Kramer, Duane Bender and Mike Henderson.

Baltimore, MD (USA), September 2012

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Published: 2012-09-09 (vimeo)