HL7 RIM Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA)
This presentation provides an overview of HL7 RIM Based Application Architecture (RIMBAA). RIMBAA is an aproach whereby the HL7 RIM is used either as a database model or as an in-memory object model.

The video discusses the advantages of such an approach. The viewer is assumed to be familiar with HL7 version 3 and the HL7 Reference Information Model (RIM).

August 2011

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Published: 2011-08-18 (vimeo) – an hl7.tv video
How to lower the hurdle for HL7 v3 implementers
Pitch by Rene spronk to lower the hurdle for HL7 v3 implementation by software developers. Rene suggests a few ideas as to how this hurdle may be lowered.

Part of a blogpost.

See plans for a "v3 implementation book" in this blogpost.

January 2010

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Published: 2010-01-17 (vimeo) – an hl7.tv video
Use of HL7 v3 and the RIM at CSAM Health
Kjetil Sanders, CTO of CSAM Health, Norway, describes the use of the HL7 v3 RIM as a core data model within their application architecture.

For additional information about CSAM, see csamhealth.com and wiki.hl7.org/​index.php?title=RIMBAA:_CSAM_Health_Plexus .

SSO = Single Sign On; for details on HL7 v3 see hl7book.net/​index.php?title=HL7_version_3 ; for BPEL see en.wikipedia.org/​wiki/​Business_Process_Execution_Language.

Interview held by Rene Spronk (Ringholm).

January 2010

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Published: 2010-01-05 (vimeo) – an hl7.tv video
SAP IS-H interfacing
Interview with Dirk Engels in February 2009 on the topic of SAP IS-H interfacing capabilities. Current implementations of IS-H use the HCM and BAPI interface, the data istelf is translated to HL7 version 2 using a third party communication server. SAP has recently added a number of Enterprise Services with additional capabilities to IS-H.

This interview is part of a whitepaper available here.

February 2009

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Published: 2009-02-20 (vimeo) – an hl7.tv video
RIMBAA - an interview with Peter Hendler
Use of the HL7 v3 RIM for application architectural purposes. See www.ringholm.de for blog text.

Published: 2008-05-17 (youtube)